sobota, 02. februar 2013

Kickstarter project

Hey guys, I just launched our kickstarter project Pants on 1001 way, take a look.

If you like it please share. Thank you!

And of course thanks to all of you who helped:
Marko Repše, Niko Klansek, Ema Bavcon, Anja Černač, Jurij Dekleva, Maja Kavcic, Neja Colja, Tjasa Koren, Viviana Klinc, Karolina Koren, Zdenka Koren, Cilka Krajnc, Dejan Strancar, Monika Uršič and Martina Kofol.

torek, 23. oktober 2012

My new facebook page

I got a lot on my head lately... New event with my product is coming up and a big project for american market - can't wait! But I still found time to do my facebook page - I know I should do it like 2 years before, but beter now than never, right? :)

I mustn't forget - few weeks ago I had a great time with photographer Marko Repše, when we did an Art Project with my clothing, which are made from old fabrics (my mum has a lot of boxes on the attic - happy!)

Thanks to all!

Foto: Marko Repše
Model: Inja Zalta
Makeup: Slađana Mlađenović

Assistant: Miha Zlindra

Well have a look at my facebook page, hope you'll like it.

petek, 23. marec 2012

Long time no see...

It's alomost 2 years when I posted my last blog. Well now I finally have my own website and a lot of new designs:

Check it!