torek, 23. oktober 2012

My new facebook page

I got a lot on my head lately... New event with my product is coming up and a big project for american market - can't wait! But I still found time to do my facebook page - I know I should do it like 2 years before, but beter now than never, right? :)

I mustn't forget - few weeks ago I had a great time with photographer Marko Repše, when we did an Art Project with my clothing, which are made from old fabrics (my mum has a lot of boxes on the attic - happy!)

Thanks to all!

Foto: Marko Repše
Model: Inja Zalta
Makeup: Slađana Mlađenović

Assistant: Miha Zlindra

Well have a look at my facebook page, hope you'll like it.

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