petek, 13. avgust 2010



I derive from life we live each in our own way - each of us has it's own freedom, peace,
confusion ... So - my life is a big mess or better said I live in a mess, I immediately found

myself in the graphics of Edo Murtić, 'cuz his paintings are like me. The graphics are still
using a strict straight line, which is complementary to some chaos.

In his work, I often noticed a gull, which I immediately fell into my eyes, because it brings
some peace and freedom to the graphics. Gull supose to encourage responsible behavior and
conduct, and communication skills that are critical to the business, and private life. Most
people feel that they are intrusive and annoying, although I think that they are wonderful
creatures, from which we can learn many things. They are members of water and air, 'cuz they
are equally adept in both elements, which attracted me. Their message teaches us life outside
the boundaries, beyond reality, which seems to us like normal every day.

In graphic appears also the sun, which in our life brings light, happines, laughter and joy _
there is no life without sunshine.

I noticed that selected artist is no longer with us, so the owl was my next inspiration … Yeah,
life is full of surprises – it's unpredictable, mysterious and exciting, but once at the end it
always ends. Owl symbolizes the death and mystery and they say that also a lot of secrecy and
magical properties.

With this design I would like to tell everyone that life is only one - take advantage of it, as far
as possible.

Foto (model): Adnan Topalović
Model: Maxime Pikula

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